January 1, 2020

Merry new year to all! And what a year 2019 was for BBLANZ. One of the longest/complex BBLANZ Championships was played in season 11 which made way for the introduction of Chumps and a solid comp we have today. The BBLANZ ELITE was a success as always, placing the Wood Elves at the top as the superior race. Plenty of players made it to legendary status, a first for many coaches. And with the Australasian-Asian Cup just wrapping up, we had a cracker of a semi-international competition (no official announcement yet, but congrats to Werecaster for cleaning it up).


Big mention to Munkey and G-Dog. G-Dog has done a terrific job of helping out with the admin side of things in a big way. And Munkey has helped paved the way for our international team that plays against other coaches from around the world in the AD International league (staying at the top of the ladder most of the time).


So what is in store for 2020? Well, Blood Bowl 2 is slowly but surely becoming a little stale for a lot of coaches with the exception of the hardcore (explains the high skill level of most everyone in the league atm). With that in mind, we will be reigning back the amount of competitions run at any one time. But even so! That means we will be increasing the quality with a more refined experience for everyone.

Soon, we will announce the registration details for ELITE V, and with no talks of a World Cup, we will definitely be holding the AA Cup in it's place later in the year. But in between there will be Champs, the ANZAC Open, AnA Gladiators league and of course our “specialist” competitions (which Little League will roll into).


It's hard to see what the future brings for Blood Bowl 2, there has been talks of a 3rd game dropping, but nothing solid yet. Till there is a significant change, we'll stay the course with what we do best. That being said, BBLANZ has become a tight little community where everyone continues to support and have fun with each other. So we encourage you all to not only keep up the Blood Bowling, but to jump on Discord, talk shit, band together for other games (competitive or co-op) and expand on the good times.


Lastly, big big big shout out to the Patreon supporters past and present. If any coach here has walked away with a prize, you have this lot to thank. Without them, we would not be able to add that little bit of competitiveness to the competitions. At this moment, we have dropped below out first Patreon goal, so the monthly draws will be on pause till we are back up. So please check out our Patreon page if you want to be a contributer.


Thanks to all you coaches out there! Lets make 2020 another good one! And if you are new to the league, check our website to see what all the fuss is about.

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