We have taken home the cup for season 2 of the Chaos Invitational!

February 14, 2019

Last year BBLANZ was given the opportunity to compete as a team in the international league AD Invitational. Multiple teams were formed of leagues from around the globe to square of in what is now an integral competition the Chaos Invitational.


With our very own admin munkeychunks leading the charge as team captain, we have now taken home the gold! Proving we have some of the very best coaches in all the world representing the Oceanic region!


Munkeychunks left us with a short announcement that included the comments from the leagues admin regarding the competition:


munkeychunks -

From Meshuggah at on the Chaos Invitational Channel

“ @Chaos Invitational S2 Ladies and gentlemen - we have a winner!!! Big congrats to BBLANZ for the comeback this season to leave no doubt that the close fight for the win last season was no fluke, and this season they sure stepped it up as runaway winners!!!


I've also been told that upside down jokes have come to be expected in situations like this, and as we'd all hate to know what they could do to the rest of us standing on their feet instead of on their heads, I think we all need to watch out in Chaos Invitational 3 (starting March 1 in a thread near you: #chaos-invitational-s3). Given that down is now all the way up, I shudder at the thought of innards becoming outards next season. Because that has to be the next step, eh?


In the fight for second and third, Sagelings showed that they are in fact no strangers to the big scene themselves - and I can also pass on the biggest of congrats to you all from @the Sage who I know is very proud and happy for how well you did. In third spot, the always cheeky Beantown team led by the Manicorn himself (you are just a puppet head, right @(BBB) DarthPhysicist UTC-5?) snuck in a huge win with two kills in the last match and thus bumped the home team @ChaosAD down to 4th.


My biggest thanks from the admin team as a whole, and ofc from myself as well - it'll be awesome to get a crack at most of you again in Chaos 3!”


Well done team! I hope you are geared up and ready to go around again! The new ruleset is going to make it more of a team setup too! Looking forward to it!

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