HAPPY NEW YEAR FROM EVERYONE AT BBLANZ and what to expect from 2019!

December 31, 2018

What a fantastic year 2018 was, BBLANZ Champions both losing and retaining their titles, the BB2 World Cup, joint international competitions and so much more fun, there’s just too much to list! So what has 2019 got in store for the Blood Bowl League of Australia and New Zealand? There is a lot to cover, so let us see hmmmmmmmm!?



Yes! Already we have kicked off the biggest event of the year and managed to fill all racial spots! It's going to be a cracking competition with not only veteran teams, but a large number of fresh teams squaring off against each other as well. Keep your eye on Discord and the Steam thread for all the updates as the action unfolds!



Last year there was a big push to run ELITE a second time after it's completion. However, most of our efforts were going into the Oceanic World Cup Qualifiers at the time. We have extended the ELITE competitions playtime which should run up till the half year period. After ELITE has finished, we will host our second BBLANZ Australasian (and Asian) Cup to fill the end of year gap.


All the details such as length, number of positions, prizes and so on will be announced closer toward the middle of the year.



Along with other competitions, we are proud to announce that we will be starting our first 1 minute round comp! It will be launched in the AnA league as The AnA Mad Minute and will allow coaches to create new teams that will develop exclusively for the 1 minute round format. Expect to see an announcement soon.



Little League will continue it's same format under the watchful eye of the most honourable G-Doggidy (big shout out for doing such a great job administering all round and keeping a handle on LL during 2018). There won't be much change for ANZAC Open either. They are both are our entry level comps, so we encourage any new comers to join in on the fun and give them a go.



So what of all of the other competitions within BBLANZ? We will be kicking off our 7th season of the AnA Gladiators (our mixed race comp) very soon. And once the Dodgy Devils Cup has finished, we will continue to subsequently run other “specialist” comps you know and love. These will include The Humie Grand Slam, Undead Derby, the Big Bash and perhaps a new “stunty” themed competition.


These comps are always short and sweet in order to keep things fresh. So we hope you enjoy!



Starting February, we will be hosting an alternative gaming night every Friday around 8pm (UTC+11). This will include other turn based games such as Talisman, Mordheim, X-COM, Risk or anything that might tickle your fancy. We want to commit to making this a regular occasion so members of BBLANZ have a chance to socialise with each other a bit more whilst having fun.



Speaking of socialising, Khanthiilas, Mr. Shakapapa and myself (Za_Uvek) have been actively teaming up to play games such as No Mans Sky, Star Citizen and GTA Online. As we are very active gamers, we would love to encourage anyone in the BBLANZ community to join us by jumping in and playing some co-op or team based multi-player games other than Blood Bowl (OMG!). There is so many great games out there that are so much better with mates, so feel free to drop in on Discord and say g'day.



We have a lot more in store for the official BBLANZ YouTube channel. Our new content won't only be exclusive to commentating on key games (plus the ones where me and Shaka just abuse each other), but to including weekly round-ups that cover all the news that is going on in the league.


The weekly round-ups will include general news, key weekly moments, deaths, bounties, stand out players, plus more! To help facilitate this, please feel free to message me (Za_Uvek) with anything that might be note worthy, such as outstanding plays or some outlandish s*^t that can't be overlooked.



To add to the BBLANZ Hall of Fame, we will be writing up a spreadsheet that will detail everyone’s personal records based on championships won. This will give everyone a rough idea of who are the top dogs in the league and keep that healthy competitive spirit alive :)

(Maybe include wooden spoons for Khan).




A massive shout out to all our Patreon supporters, without you guys we would not be able to keep having such a generous prize pool all year round. If you haven't already, then please check out our Patreon page, it can be found on our official website or Steam group. If one day we can reach our target goal, then we will be able to award prizes to winners of every single competition we run, no excuses.


Regardless, thank you to all the BBLANZ members! Your participation alone has kept this fantastic league running for almost 3 years! You are all amazing and lets make 2019 another great year on the pitch!

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