January 10, 2018

After a long break for the holidays we finally arrived at the big game between Valcurdra's current BBLANZ champions, the Bretonnian Outback Gentleman and A5tro's Undead, Sunny Meadows. This match was months in the making and after a tough season we finally got an amazing show!

The Undead were lucky enough to start with the ball and wasted no time with knocking players down whilst taking the first opportunity to score a foul. But the first foul was in vain as the Bretonnians replied with some cheeky piling on to inflict the first knock out of the game. That only made the Meadow's mummies upset as they inflicted a casualty straight away, injuring one of the Bretonnian blitzers.

With a slight upper hand by taking off the blitzer, the undead team didn’t stop with the fouling, even after using their bribe to butter up the ref. The Sunny Meadows cockiness and focus on violence would be their downfall, as the Outback Gentleman took advantage of the open holes in the offence, taking down the ball carrier. Even after the Undead's slick ghoul was able to retrieve the ball once again, the Bretonnians were just too strong. After inflicting a massive injury to a ghoul from yet another pile on, the Gentleman snaked the ball and made a fantastic play to move it up the field. Even after fouling and tackling over and over, it was not enough to stop the Bretonnian freight train. The Outback Gentleman scoring the TD making it 1-0 at the end of their opponents half.

The Outback Gentleman started the second half strong, receiving the ball without incident and taking a wight off the field with some dirty tactics of their own. The Sunny Meadows tried to return the favour with some more fouling, but the ref wasn’t as forgiving the second half, sending their player straight off. Even so, the Bretonnians were a bit too cocky themselves, with their ball carrier trying to make a break down the field early in the half. This resulted in two ghouls breaking free themselves and knocking the ball carrier down. But the Gentleman proved to strong a quick once again, immediately swarming the ball with players. The Bretonnians then had no problems picking up the ball and cruising into the TD line to make the score 2-0.

The game seemed to be all but finish, but that didn’t stop the Undead team from fight till the buzzer. At the start of the second drive the Meadows made enough of a gap to send a ghoul flying up the field. But the Gentleman showed no mercy and stopped the ghoul in hes tracks just short of the TD line. After a short fight over the ball the Bretonnian team did enough to keep the zero on the scoreboard and retain their championship status for the second season in a row.


Congratulations once again to Valcurdra and he’s monster of a Bretonnian team, the Outback Gentleman. Can they maintain their title for a third season?!

And great effort to A5tro and the Sunny Meadows, you sure put up a great fight and made it a great show.


With that, thanks to everyone for an amazing season, stay tuned for season 8 of the BBLANZ Championship.




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