October 30, 2017

And here we are ladies and gentleman, BBLANZ championship VI! Valcurdra's bretonnian Outback Gentlemen vs JapeNZ's dark elf team, Nuffle's Warlords.


What a match up! With both teams harbouring their own star made players (with plenty of green in all the stats), there was sure to be spilt blood. And spilled it was with the brett team scoring an injury from some foul play right from the get go. But that didn't stop the dark elf team from applying the pressure, being as slippery and willy as ever! But even with all the dodging, strip balls, wrestles and tying up the ball carriers, nothing could stop the Gentlemens onslaught. Just non-stop tackles, fouls and armour breaks that led to stun after stun, knock out after knock out. Leading the Outback Gentlemen to coast to an easy touch down before the end of the first half.

Nuffle's Warlords wasted no time during the second half, driving the ball deep into enemy territory from the very first turn. And even though the brettonians made a valiant effort to tie up the elven ball carriers, it was all in vain. After an easy dump off pass, the dark elfs had no trouble in scoring their first touch down for the game, 1-1 early in the second half.

Once the Brett's drive started I'm sure the elfs were feeling hope, but also deja vu, as the Gentlemen began their drive with many a knock out and many an injury. But it didn't stop the Warlords!

As slippery and sneaky as ever, (even with the drop in numbers) they orchestrated a masterful play, stripping the ball and then throwing it deep toward their opponents side. Both teams fought hard over the loose ball, but the Dark Elfs proved too tricky and managed to cross the TD line, edging ahead 2-1.

Even with only 6 players on the field, the warlords hope for victory was high indeed. Only to be squashed with a player killed right off the bat, leading to the Outback Gentlemans easy second touch down, bringing the game into overtime with 2-2 on the score board.

It seems all great games end in OT (especially within BBLANZ) really showing how spectacular the teams can be. Even so, with so many players off the field, there was nothing to be done to stop the freight train that were the Outback Gentlemen. The OT resulted in more and more elfs off the field, then the inevitable final touchdown, finishing the game 3-2 Outback Gentleman.


Congratulations to Valcurdra and the Outback Gentlemen! After so many seasons he took no prisoners and will now walk home with the title, F yes Val, F yes!

And well played to JapeNZ, what a game! Even with so many players off the field he fought to till the very end! Awesome stuff!


As always, thank you to everyone for participating in a great season. Registration for season 7 will be up and running soon. However, because the holidays are just around the corner, season 7 will be shorter with fewer positions available for teams. So keep your eyes on your news feeds!



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