BBLANZ Plans for Legendary Edition

September 5, 2017

Hey everyone out there! Exciting times ahead with the release of Blood Bowl 2's Legendary Edition expansion being released tomorrow! So what does this mean for BBLANZ?


First, all competitions will go ahead as normal except for Little League. The seventh season of LL is just about finish, so the eighth will be open to LE and all its new races. In order to give more members a chance to level up some of the new races, the eighth season of LL will have a few more slots than normal, creating a chance to bring in some new teams.


Next, the ANZAC Open will continue on track, but of course the prospect of making a new team from the additional races added to the game is tempting. Just remember the rules, you submit a new team, you retire your old one.


Third, The BBLANZ ELITE competition will be a major and ambitious event for the league in the future. It would be great to hold an annual major competition that places all 24 races against each other to see who is the best. We will look at a recruiting drive for this comp closer to the end of the year.


Lastly, BBLANZ will be opening a new league in-game called Australasian and Asian Gladiators “AnA Gladiators”. This league will house our mixed teams competition which proved to be a exceptionally fun feature during the Beta. So why a new league? Why not keep a mixed competition within BBLANZ (which will not be ruled out completely)?

The idea for the separated league is to be able to utilise the marketplace between seasons. The market has never been a functional feature due to low amount of teams in a league and the fact that you must have no competitions running in order to open it up.

Not only will the marketplace add to the fun, but mixed team only league will be a lot easier to manage for admins and may attract new players that tire from vanilla BB.


We hope you are all as excited as we are for this new step in BBLANZ history, so we would love to hear about your thoughts and ideas. Please click the link bellow to get in on the discussion about BBLANZ and its future:

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