June 19, 2017

Another great season down and with it we have a new BBLANZ Champion that has emerged from season 5!


Spoonman's Chaos North Star Blues squared off against Djoolyurn's Bretonnian team, The Bretennials in what was a tight final for the season.


Even though the Chaos team were the ones to receive, they started off a little rocky with a massive kick into the back field and Brakog the star minotaur failing to blitz. This left the Bretonnians with a good opportunity to create some space from the Blues and keep their distance. The distance only helped so much as it didn't take long for the Chaos to score their first injury, but the Bretennials answered straight away with an injury of their own to the infamous Brakog. The Blue's were not swayed as the apothecary saved their minotaur and they built up some momentum to drive the ball hard up the left side of the field. Since a touch down was imminent, the Bretennials took every opportunity to tackle and foul their opponents, stunning and KO'ing as many players as they could. Unfortunately, this only resulted in another injured Brett, a few KO'ed and the inevitable TD, rounding off the first half 1-0 in North Star Blue's favour.

Another rocky start for the Chaos team in the second half. Suffering an injury and a couple of KO's before things started, the hot sun also prevented a beastman from joining he's team on the field. With their number's down, the Blue's could not prevent the non-stop bash from the Bretonnian team, suffering multiple injuries and stuns over and over before the unstoppable TD. The score 1-1 halfway through the second half.
The Bretennials score was at a cost, as their team was down a player even with the massive stable of reserves. Unfortunately for the North Star Blues, their reserve group was a lot more modest, and after all the casualties, they had to start the second drive with two players off the field. Tragically, after a failed hand off, all the hopes of scoring were shattered for the defending champions, pushing the game into a over time.

The Brets won the toss to receive the ball, and with three more players on the field than their opposing team, there was nothing the North Star Blues could do to stop the freight train that was The Bretennials.


Congratulations to Djoolyurn and he's Bretonnian team, The Bretennials, the new BBLANZ champions!

And congrats to spoonman on another amazing season, so close to being a perfect streak!


Thank you everyone who participated! Season 6 will be up and running very soon so keep an eye open, we will have more slots available as season 5 filled up fast.




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