We have our new BBLANZ champions!

May 2, 2017

What a match up we had for the grand final for season 4, Spoonman's chaos North Star Blues and Tacet Pressim's Ethereal Owl wood elfs. The wood elfs being the veterans in this game didn't sway the North Star Blues, the Blues being a junior team from the start of the season.

And what a start we had to the match, the Blues beginning with the ball and beginning with causing the elfs an injury right off the bat. But after a failed pick up, the Owls tried to push the advantage by using a wizards fireball. After a little bit of fumbling around from both sides, the Owls used their chance and scored quickly in the first half.

The second drive resulted in not only another injury, but a death for the Owls. And even though they still put up a glorious fight, stripping the ball from chaos again and again, the Blues were too much of an unstoppable force for the elven team. Leaving the first half 1-1 and three players off the field for the wood elfs.

The Ethereal Owl's seemed to have a solid strategy in place for the second half, despite their fallen players. But after a cheeky fireball spell from the North Star Blue's wizard, the ball was forced out of bounds, scattering back toward the elven touchdown line. All resulting in a TD for the chaos team early in the second half.

Unfortunately, one tragic failed dodge from a wardancer acted as the catalyst for the elf's down fall on the second drive. The Blues took advantage of the early opening, and even with a little bit of fighting and scurrying for the ball on both sides, the chaos team scored the thrid TD, securing them as the new BBLANZ Champions.


Congratulations to Spoonman and he's mighty North Star Blues. We're sure this new chaos team will be an unstoppable force in future BBLANZ competitions. And congratulations to Tacet Pressim on a solid performance and solid season.


For everyone else who participated, as always, thank you and look out for the fifth regular BBLANZ season.



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