The future of BBLANZ 2017

January 10, 2017

Hey everyone. First, I would personally like to thank everyone for joining our group and making 2016 a great first year for BBLANZ. Everyone has shown that this group is a great addition to the Australasian Blood Bowl community and that there is a bright future ahead. With that all said, I would like to layout what the future holds for our group:


1. [b]Websites[/b] – In the not to distant future we will be raising an independent website and Facebook page. This is mainly to create more avenues to keep our members informed. However, the steam page will remain as the primary forum for discussions and organisation.


2. [b]Funding[/b] – We have now started a Patreon account to obtain funding from our members. Up till now there has been a limited amount of finances to contribute toward prizes and maintenance (even though maintenance is limited). With Patreon, all members are given the opportunity to contribute toward prize pools and keep the group accountable by being totally transparent. The idea is to keep this set up non-profit so we keep our attitude toward fun and not about financial gain. Details bellow:


3. [b]Membership status[/b] – BBLANZ will always be free to join and play, but we want those who contribute financially to have a say in its future. So a BBLANZ committee will be made for those who donate and have an invested interest in where the group is headed. These commitee members will be able to express ideas and concerns as a group then vote on what direction we take.
4. [b]Future competitions[/b] – All competitions will continue to run as normal, however, we would like to add more as time goes on. Competition themes like the “Elite”, but also bashy and dodgy comps too. And with the comity mentioned above, hopefully new ideas will be injected into the future of BBLANZ competitions.


5. [b]Turn based gaming events[/b] – This group is all about Blood Bowl, but its also about the community that surrounds it. With that, we would like to start one off events that feature other turn based games to build new friendships and have fun.


6. [b]Teamspeak server[/b] – To complement everything above, we are going to try and get our own TS server off the ground. Obviously to get to know each other and for ease of organising game.


    It's an exciting time for BBLANZ and regardless to any changes or additions, we want to continue to create a fun and flexible environment for Blood Bowl fans. So of course, please, feel free to add comments and suggestion to any of the points that have been raise.

    Looking forward to seeing you all on the pitch!

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