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The Retirement Village

Many players competing in Blood Bowl are constantly under risk of being sacked, injured or even killed. So it is no small feat when any player should reach the end of a career and hang up the helmet. Here we remember those few that reached too old a age to continue their journey.

If you you would like to submit a player to the Retirement Village, then please follow the link below and for instructions:

Tan Trum - Silver's Surfers (Human)
Coach: Za_Uvek
Tan Trum - Silver's Surfers (Human).jpg
Retired: 4 March 2020
He might of only made it to level 6, but he was a Blitzer that could still do anything! Break people, carry the ball, run into the end zone for a last min catch, he is a hard player to say goodbye to.
Gran'fagor - North Star Blues (Chaos)
Coach: Spoonman
Gran'fagor - North Star Blues (Chaos).jp
Retired: 20 September 2020
Gran'fagor was the fastest beastman to play blood bowl, while the rest of the Blues focused on bashing and killing he got the ball and ran in the TDs. Extra arm and extra head but unfortunately in the end, lost his manhood in dealing with the chaos gods.
Worm Danglemark - North Star Blues (Chaos)
Coach: Spoonman
Worm Danglemark - North Star Blues (Chaos).png
Retired: 11 September 2021
Worm Danglemark retires as a 3 time champion playing his career as a centre creating havoc on the line both as a hitter and a road block. Always the first to block on the offence and lending a hand for the Blues killers to go to work.
Rapest Faceist - Silver's Surfers (Human)
Coach: Za_Uvek
Rapest Faceist - Silver's Surfers (Human
Retired: 5 March 2020
Rapiest Faciest was one of the original original BBLANZ players from the most senior team in the league. He smashed and killed his way to the top of level 7 without a scratch, he will not be forgotten.
Två - Birka brown pants (Dwarf)
Coach: grouse (Lokistar)
Tva - Birka brown pants (Dwarf).png
Retired: 17 August 2021
Två was a founding member of the Birka brown pants and couldn't quite make it thru to the Elite title (though he has one Elite ring already). He will be dearly missed in the team as we strive to get thru.
Cama Roon - Silver's Surfers
Coach: Za_Uvek
Cama Roon - Silver's Surfers (Human).png
Retired: 27 October 2022
Even though he just fell short of making it into the BBLANZ Hall of Fame, he was the Surfer's Star player for a long time. He could dodge, catch, hit and run.  But turns out he got sick of getting stomped in his old age.
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