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 ​We are always looking for new players to help expand our ever growing community. It's easy to become a member of BBLANZ, just join our steam page, follow us on Facebook and adhere to some simple rules:

1. Competitions - Any comps run will have their own discussion thread on steam with its own rules depending on its creator. Join that thread.

2. Communication - If you wish to join a competition, then ask someone! If you have submitted a team in game without messaging an administrator or commenting on the relevant discussion thread, that team will be expelled. Furthermore, if you do not respond to an administrator in a reasonable time (within 24-48 hours), action will be taken on your behalf regarding competition progression, registration, in-game disputes etc.

3. New Teams - Only new teams can join The BB2 BBLANZ League. If your team quits the league, they cannot re-join. This is to avoid farmers and to keep the veteran team's integrity.

4. Registration - Some comps will have registration dates found on their page. If positions are not filled by that date, it will kick off with existing players who have joined. If we can't kick off due to in-game constraints (such as an odd number for round robins etc), then the remaining positions will be filled with AI and treated as "bye" rounds.

5. Time-zones - All coaches must accommodate +8 UTC to +12 UTC. If you cannot reach an agreement within these time zones, a grievance may be accepted in your opponents favor.

6. Conceding - Conceding will be looked at on a case by case basis, but generally not tolerated. If there isn't a genuinely valid reason to concede a match (i,e. internet disconnect) you will forfeit the rest of the competition.

7. Prizes - Prizes will be awarded through PayPal or in the form of Steam vouchers depending on the players prefrence. All prizes are valued against the AUD.

8. Official Membership - Members who financially contribute to our Patreon page are considered "Official" members. The importance of this is that all competitions will roughly have 25% of their slots prioritized to these members (first come first serve). If these slots have not been filled by the time the regular slots have, then they will be given to the general public. However, "Official" members still have priority up till a competition has kicked off.


9. Withdrawing from a competition – If you wish to withdraw from any competition in the league, then please do so yourself manually in-game. If you do not and an admin must intervene on your behalf in order to progress the competition along, then your team will be expelled. To emphasis how critical this is, your team will be expelled from the league in total and will not be able to return. (Click QUIT COMPETITION within the PLAY IN A LEAGUE section, only, in-game).

10. Register Your Details – After introducing yourself on Steam or Discord, please fill out your details in the BBLANZ Name Register so we can record your details in the future. Link found below:

11. Try not to be a c#%t. 

We are also looking for members to contribute to the prize pool to help expand our competition. So if you're interested, please feel free to visit our Patreon page, link found bellow.

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