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If you are interested in joining in on the fun, below is a list of the competitions that are available. To apply, look up the competition on our steam page and read the rules applicable. For all the details, please click the link below:

- The BBLANZ Premiership

The league's primary event where our coaches have the opportunity to pit their best teams against each other. The BBLANZ Premiership consists of a three tier competition, Champs, Chumps and Little League, all of which used to be individual competitions in their own right. Now, they all form the basis of which each coach has the opportunity to truly see where they rank in the league. Continually running through out the year.


This annual competition is when we all find out which is the supierior Blood Bowl race within the BBLANZ community. 24 teams, 24 races, 24 coaches pitted against each other in a long road to claim cash/Steam prizes and the title of the one and only ELITE team! Usually runs during the first half of the year.

- The BBLANZ Alpha League

The Alpha League is a Humans only league that focuses on team management. See the 'Alpha League' tab above for all the details.

- The ANZAC Open

The ANZAC Open is the on going free/spin ladder competition for all BBLANZ Members. This comp is one of the best starting points for a new coach as you'll have no time constraints and the flexibility to chose your opponents. Continually running and restarts every 3 months.

- The ANZAC Championship

Every 3 months when the ANZAC Open closes registration, we invite the top 16 teams to compete in the ANZAC Championship and officially welcome them into the league. Runs every three months.

- BBLANZ Austral-Asian Cup

One of the most popular Blood Bowl competitions is the 'Blood Bowl 2 World Cup' and BBLANZ has hosted the qualifiers for the Oceanic region. Since the World Cup doesn't run every year, we like to continue to host a lengthy heart felt campaign for all those in the Oceanic and Asian region. Usually run during the second half of the year.

- BBLANZ Big Bash

The hardest, roughest, toughest races in the league go head to head for superiority. We open registration for 8 of the 'bashiest' experienced teams to bring their most violent performances to the pitch. Runs sporadically through out the year.

- BBLANZ Dodgy Devils Cup

The dodgiest, 'stuntiest', sneakiest, most conniving 'dodge' teams are given the opportunity to take home this slippery cup. We open registration for 10 experienced 'dodge'/'stunty' teams to show their slickest moves for all the league to seeRuns sporadically through out the year.

- BBLANZ Humie Grand Slam

There are 5 human races in Blood Bowl 2 and the Grand Slam is where we find out who the dominate race of humans. 10 positions are open for veteran 'humie' teams in a all out brawl for supremacyRuns sporadically through out the year.

- BBLANZ Undead Derby

This is the competition to see who out of the BBLANZ walking dead can stay above ground. We open 8 positions for experienced undead themed teams to see who decay firstRuns sporadically through out the year.

- The Stunty Stravaganza

If the Dodgy Devils Cup is for the sneaky, then this one is for the most dirty, scummy and sly teams in the whole league. We open 6 positions for 'stunty' only teams (includes ogres), this gives us a chance to find out who can cheat their way to the topRuns sporadically through out the year.

- AnA Gladiators

The AnA series of competitions (run separate from BBLANZ) is where we get to have fun with some crazy rules. With that in mind, AnA Gladiators is the BBLANZ mixed race competition where we house mixed and custom race ONLY teams. Not for the faint of heartRotates regularly with AnA Mad Minute through out the year.

- AnA Mad Minute

This is the competition for coaches that are quick on their feet and can think on the fly. All rules are standard, but you will only have 1 minute per turn. Not for those that want a relaxed experienceRotates regularly with Gladiators through out the year.

- AnA Crazy Critters

The CC Cup is the most prestigious competition where we find out who is the toughest amongst the 'stunties' only. And we do mean ONLY, that means no big guys, no secret weapons, no chefs. With heavy restrictions on the rules, we take out the middle man and leave a lot up to NuffleRuns sporadically through out the year.

- BBLANZ Morheim at War

This was our first 'non-Blood Bowl' competition run for the game Mordheim: City of the Damned. We took the in game multiplayer components and constructed a very heavy campaign that took players and their war bands on an epic fight for the city of Mordheim. Currently on hiatus due to a lack of interest.

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