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Even though we aim to spear head Blood Bowl competitions for the Australasian region, we are only a small part of a much wider Blood Bowl community. Please find bellow a list of groups that we hold in high regard as additional sources for those seeking the Blood Bowl experience.

Little Aussie Blood Bowl League (LABBL)

It is with a heavy heart to announce that LABBL is no more. Sadly, their manager passed away in 2017 leaving the logistics difficult to manage. There is always a chance this league could re-surface due to the unique experience they provided. But until then, we pay homage here by keeping the leagues memory alive.

Reddit Blood Bowl League (ReBBL)

An international league that runs their “Big O” competition that houses an Oceanic/Asian division. With a huge number of coaches on board, this group is a great place to start if you want a journey of epic proportions. After fighting through a massive season to end with a intercontinental series “Superbowl”. Plenty of fun to be had while boasting serious competition.

AD Invitational (iN)

Predominately run through Discord, the AD Invitational is an international league that host an extensive Blood Bowl 2 competition, the Chaos Invitational. As the name suggests, leagues from all over are invited to partake in a lengthy season that involves multiple teams who are pitted against each other in some 'league on league' action. 

As mentioned above, this league is by invitation. If you are interested in getting involved, please contact one of the BBLANZ admins and we should be able to fill you in.

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